Monday, January 25, 2010

Online Poker

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Monday, December 07, 2009

I've been on a bit of a break from playing poker after managing to lose most of my roll over the last year or so. It doesn't seem that long ago I was nicely rolled for NL50, overrolled to some extent, but sadly that's not the case anymore and I found myself getting fed up with the game. So I've had the last couple of months off and probably played too much Warcraft(!)

Anyway, the point is, I'm sort of back. I was going to play NL20 and grind it up but I played some Sunday tourneys last night and made a few small cashes, but the highlight was coming 8th in a 38XX runner comp on Stars for just short of $500. Not world breaking and a hell of a lot short of the $6k on top, but needless to say, it's a welcome boost to my accounts.

Playing the comps last night was great. I'm not sure I can handle 5am bed times each night, but it was good. I'm now torn between tourneys and the NL20. At least I'm rolled for the cash games!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

I think I just suck at poker. I'm not one that is capable of grinding out a bankroll from nothing. I'm not even sure I can keep one once I have one. Not everyone in the world can be good at poker, there has to be some bad players, it's the way things work.

Clearly this comes following a bad swing. I did build up a couple of hundred on Stars and blonde playing PLO20/PLO25 but have since lost it leaving me nearly busto yet again. Sure there are bad beats in there and 'variance' but I expect a better player wouldn't have lost so much.

I don't really care now to be honest, I'm accepting my role in poker - a recreational player that sometimes has a nice score.

After the PLO, I played a couple of tourneys again and I have to say, I do prefer them. In my last few, I was 72 (just itm) of 464 in a PLO comp, 179 of 5219, 13th of 180 and 4th of 180 in my two 180 man sit and go's last night and came 30something in the iPoker $30k for $140ish the other night. I think there's only been 4 comps I haven't cashed in in the last couple of days and whilst it's nothing major, money in is better than money out.

I think the problem is that I get bored with the bad runs in tourneys, and I get bored playing the low stakes buy in ones where winning either means you're still in the same buy in or you have to get through 5000 people. The staking thing was great for playing better comps, but there's just not enough of them at realistic times for me on iPoker, but at the same time, I think I prefer playing on my own dime too. Given that if you quit, you pay back any make up, I wonder how deep stakers allow you go before calling it a day. I'd have hated to be in for £1000+ and wanting to quit, the £600 sucked enough, just curious how deep one can go.

In the mean time, back to playing tourneys, probably switching to stt's when I get bored (I love 9 tabling on Stars and I'm prob break even or there abouts)

and in the words of Nina Simone...

And I'm feeling gooooooood.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Been playing a bit of PLO again. I'm so skint at the moment I'm starting out at PLO25 but also buying in cheap for $15. I know it's wrong and I should either move down or buy in, but it's working so I'm going to continue. I'll start buying in for the full amount when I'm rolled to play PLO25!

Started tonight off with the intention of playing the £2k gtd at Sovereign Poker in North Camp, but when I got there, there was a huge queue to register and when I arrived at the front, I found out it was sold out with 23 on the waiting list! So I headed home and fired up some PLO tables. Thought it was going to be one of those nights after a few hands. Firstly my double suited aces against double suited aces lost, then my nut flush lost, but after that, it was go go go! I was waiting for ages to get in against a hyper agressive player, then I hit a decent pot. I know the hand wasn't that good, but he 3 bets and reraises all the time so I figured there was a good chance I was ahead so I made the call on the end. I just had a feeling about it. That set me in good shape for a nice double up and it finally happened I was gobsmacked that he folded for $6 in a $70 pot but was very pleased to scoop the lot regardless.

Called it a night not long after. I'd risen to around $40ish on the other three tables I was playing and finished the session a nice $110 up. Not bad for me, especially at PLO25!

Tonights stats - 360 hands - 61.36 bb/100
Total stats so far - 1438 - 33.35 bb/100

Can I finally build a bankroll? Variance is bound to kick in eventually!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Hi Pop Pickers,

Been a while again but I don't think you're missing out on anything my fast paced life has to offer. I obviously went to Download last month which was just fantastic. I have quite a lot of highlights - everything from getting there as soon as a new field was opened for camping to watching some amazing bands. I've never been to Download before and I'm can't believe that it's been going all these years and it's missed me by. I'm more than likey going next year. One of the guys that we went with did mention that he may be able to get a caravan but sadly this never happened. It did plant the seed that it may be we sweet to get one anyway for weekends away with the family, then I can do Download in it next year! Once my staking debts are paid, this is my goal - couple of thousand for one bad boy!

Won't say anything about Marilyn Manson, except to say he was the biggest disapointment of the weekend. Not sure why he bothered to turn up. Bands I never knew how good they were:- Firstly Faith No More. I always though Epic and that cover they did. No no no, totally owned the place, amazing rock band. Slipknot, I have new respect for. I had no idea how good they actually are and what a presence they command on stage. I've never been really in to their cd's but they are a fantastic live band and deserved their place headlining Saturday night. Pendulum are my new favourite band, never heard of them before going but have been listening to them loads since. Great to see Therapy there - never knew they still existed, but exist they do and apparently have been releasing albums yearly for the last 15 years too! They went down well in one of the tents which I was pleased with. Steel Panther before them - what can I say, such fun rock. Deserved the main stage rather than the overflowed tent they struggled to fit in. Korn were by far the best band of the weekend for me. Another band that I decide to get into just as they are in their twilight.

Haven't got anything poker related to mention, just grinding away now and then. Playing a few of the 45 and 90 man sit and go's on Tilt to see how I get on. Not good so far but will keep at them. I had my Bokeh Tilt account locked for multi accounting which sucked but thankfully I got the money out, they only took my points which was only about 5k, but at my level I don't earn many so was a bit gutted. I'm stuck on Graham0573 which is what I was trying to get away from. I asked to close this and keep Bokeh, but no.

Hopefully going to turn my Tilt account in to something yummy!

Be lucky guys, take care